The Daycare will be open again next week, from Monday 17th August

Bearing the current Covid-19 virus situation in mind the daycare in the Municipality of Runavík will be opened again on Monday the 17th August, in full adherence to the Corona guidelines for the daycare.

Now that we reopen, and possibly have the virus in our local area, it is very important that we all respect the most basic virus guidelines – to wash our hands regularly and to keep a safe distance. It is also important that we keep safe by not sending our children to daycare if they have any symptoms of illness or if we have any reason to believe that they have been infected.

The daycare centres will continue to organize themselves in group rooms and adhere to the recommendations:
• The recommendation of minimal physical contact when children are left or picked up from the daycare centres
• The recommendation of especially high personal hygiene
• The recommendation of extra house cleaning
• The recommendation of separating group rooms, groups of children and groups of employees
• The recommendation of organizing the day in small groups – especially inside but also outside
• The recommendation of spending a lot of time outdoors where the danger of spreading the virus is less than inside.

In the daycare sector the employees and managers will organize the activities as well as they can according to the health recommendations and according to the local facilities in the daycare.

These general rules still apply:
• Follow the on-site rules regarding the delivery and pick-up of children
• Children have to arrive by a certain time, which has been set out by the daycare, if no other arrangement has been made.
• Please have an open communication with your daycare, and if needed make agreements about when your children will arrive and get picked up again.

The afterschool programme
The afterschool programme will be organized in group rooms, and the aim is to keep the different classes separated in the same way as in the school. The afterschool Frítíðarskúlin við Stórá will be organized in separate rooms, and the parents will receive further information from the afterschool manager.

The daycare in homes
The homes providing daycare have will be open again. The limitation is, that there are no common events for the time being, and that we are not able to provide guest care, if one of the homes is not able to accept children for a day or two.

Further communication
Any further information and communication will be organized directly between the parents and the management and employees in the various daycare centres.