Daycare up to full strength again

The daycare in the Municipality of Runavík opened again on the 20th April, and since then all parents have been able to sign their children up for daycare using a special form on the municipal website.

The number of children attending daycare has grown every week. From an average of around 40% in Week 17 to more than 80% this week. In the daycare in private homes, nurseries and kindergarten the attendance is close to 90%. In the afterschool program the attendance is a bit lower, just over 60%.

We can therefore confirm that the municipal daycare is fully functional again, although everyday life has changed a bit for children, parents and employees.

We can also be pleased, that we all have managed to stop the spreading of the virus in the Faroe Islands. This is why we are able to lower the recommended limitations, so that the daycare area can be fully functional.

No sign-up for daycare from Week 21
Although the new recommendations say that daycare centres can go back to their organisation in grouprooms, and the recommended distance between people has been lowered, several of the recommendations for minimizing the spreading of the virus are still in effect, for instance:

• The recommendation of minimal physical contact when children are left or picked up from the daycare centres
• The recommendation of especially high personal hygiene
• The recommendation of extra house cleaning
• The recommendation of separating grouprooms, groups of children and groups of employees
• The recommendation of organizing the day in small groups – especially inside but also outside
• The recommendation of spending a lot of time outdoors where the danger of spreading the virus is less than inside.

In the daycare sector the employees and managers will organize the activities as well as they can according to the health recommendations and according to the local facilities in the daycare.

There are however a few general rules:

• Follow the on-site rules regarding the delivery and pick-up of children
• Children have to arrive by a certain time, which has been set out by the daycare, if no other arrangement has been made.
• Please have an open communication with your daycare, and if needed make agreements about when your children will arrive and get picked up again.

The afterschool programme
The afterschool programme still has to know explicitly which children will be attending afterschool, and the local afterschool programmes will be in touch with the parents in this regard.

The daycare in homes
The homes providing daycare have been open to all children from 20th April. The limitation is, that there are no common events for the time being, and that we are not able to provide guest care, if one of the homes is not able to accept children for a day or two.

Further communication
Any further information and communication will be organized directly between the parents and the management and employees in the various daycare centres.